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Welcome to www.favoos.com. This web site is a tool for personal use whitch has been design to allow you to have your favorite links in the web, so you will always have this list in any computer all over the world.
Security codes.
You only have to remember two codes.
The first one will allow you to see your favorites, no password, no more. Is the code you have to write in www.favoos.com home page. Since this moment you will be able to see your favorite links list.
The second one will allow you to modify all your favorite links and all the information you hava about them.
Is this enaght? We think that it's right, the information we manage is not very confidential. Besides you can give your first key to your friends to lent them have your links. It´s very easy isn''t it?
No more.
No more.
No more thinks, no more complicated keys, so kindly, so esas, so usefull.